My Nail Polish Collection: Part 1

*There will be two parts to my nail polish collection. Part 2 will be uploaded on the 4th of September*

*UPDATE: Part 2 has been uploaded and you can find it here*

I have always loved nail polish, and although I don’t know how to do water marbling, I do love to do nail art with scotch tape or a nail art pen. Today, I am going to review my nineteen nail polishes (including 2 tops coats) along with three nail art pens. I am not including any nail polishes that do not work anymore or that I don’t like because I wouldn’t like to recommend any nail polishes that I don’t use and I wouldn’t want to give any negative reviews about any products. I also don’t want to mention any nail polishes that I don’t like as part of my nail polish collection. These pictures have no filters and are not edited so these are their true colours. I would also like to say that my Tanya Burr nail polishes are not in here as I am going to review them seperatley in a blog post all about Tanya Burr Cosmetics.

I would like to mention that most of these are Barry M nail polishes because I do find that they are affordable but good quality nail polishes which last a long time without chipping.

*in no particular order*

Barry M:

Barry M is definetly my favorite nail polish brand because I find it is the best quality for the lowest price. They have all the colours you possibly need and I love the special effect polishes as well.


1. Barry M Molten Metal Nail Paint in “Copper Mine” (£3.99)

1 19.56.51

This is a new addition to my nail polish collection suggested by Zoe (Zoella/Zoe Sugg) and I really liked the concept. I had seen some online reviews about it and I went to Superdrug and bought it. It truly is like molten metal on my nails,  or molten copper in my case as I bought that shade because Zoe said it was her favorite and I also am a big fan of copper. I also love the brush cap rather than the regular black or silver one as it matches with the nail polish itself. Most Barry M nail polishes have thin brushes, but this one has quite a thick brush which I do sometimes struggle with applying to my little finger.2. Barry M Magnetic Nail Paint in “Neptune Sea”


This nail polish is a glittery blue/teal colour that has a thin brush. This nail polish is meant to have a magnet on the lid which you can hold over the nail polish while it drys to create a swirly finish. The problem with mine is that I didn’t realise when I bought it that the magnet was missing. It is perfectly fine to use without the magnet but when buying this or any other polish from the “Barry M Megnetic Nail Paint” collection, I would make sure the magnet hasn’t fallen out or gone missing.

3. Barry M Speedy Quick Dry in “Blue Shimmer” (£3.99)


This colour is part of the Speedy Quick Dry collection, which means it’s touch dry in under 10 seconds. It’s a glittery blue/purple colour that changes in different lights.

4. Barry M Nail Paint in “Nude” (£2.99)

5 copy

Think of this nail polish as a concealer for your nails. It doesnt come out how it looks in the bottle unless you put on about 5 coats. It’s not meant to be opaque. I think it looks best when you apply two thin coats of this, and then do a french tip over it. You could also add it over a red or another dark colour and it will give the illusion of frosted glass.

5. Barry M Nail Paint in “Bright Purple” (£2.99)

4 19.56.51

I really like this colour as it’s easy to just put on two thin coats of it and you’re done. As it’s such a unique and dark colour and I personally think that it doesn’t need any nail art and it looks better just as a solid colour.

6. Barry M Nail Paint Instant Nail Effects


This nail polish is a cracking nail polish. If you are unaware of what that is, it is a nail polish that you apply over a base colour and it cracks so you can see the colour underneath. I think this colour works really well with white.

7. Barry M Nail Paint in “Mint Green” (2.99)

6 copy

This polish is a mint green polish that’s not meant to be opaque. It’s kind of like a tiny hint of mint green on your nails. I think this looks best with black polka dots because the colours go very well together.

8. Barry M Nail Paint in “Teal” (£2.99)


This nail polish is a mermaid teal colour that has a very thin brush and it doesn’t need any nail art as it’s such a unique colour that with nail art would look like a bit of a mess.

9. Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in “Grapefruit” (£3.99)

2 19.56.51

10. Barry M Gelly Hi Shine “Blueberry” (£3.99)


11. Barry M Gelly Hi Shine “Sugar Plum” (£3.99)

3 19.56.51

Top Coats:

1. Barry M Basecoat Topcoat & Nail Hardener All in One (£2.99)


A topcoat and basecoat is a must have for anyone who does their nails regularly. But this one, has a basecoat, topcoat, and nail hardener in one bottle! I don’t usually use it for the purpose of a nail hardener, but I do use it as a basecoat and topcoat. Basecoats are very important because they keep your nails from staining and mke you nail polish last for longer. Topcoats are important because they seal in your design helping it last longer and give it a shine.

2. Barry M Matte Top Coat Nail Paint (£2.99)


After a long time of wanting to get one, I finally got a matte topcoat last month. I have had matte nail polishes before but the problem with matte nail polishes is that they come out streaky (you’ll find this with every matte polish), and you can’t add a regular top coat because it will add a shine which will defeat the purpose of wearing a matte polish. To solve that problem, you will need to buy a matte top coat, which I did, but I found it did get rid of some of the streaks, but not all of them. I later realised that you need to apply you matte shade, then a regular top coat, and to finish off, a matte top coat. That will easily get rid of the streaks. Another good thing about getting a matte top coat is that you can apply it to any nail polish, even if it isn’t matte. You can do the same steps: regular nail polish, then a coat of regular top coat, then a matte top coat.

Nail Art Pens:

These nail art pens are one of my favorite nail products ever. They make it so easy to do nail art without having to use brushes, toothpicks, or sponges. You can create a french tip with the white pen, polka dots with the black, and stripes with the silver one. It also comes in pink.

1. Barry M Nail Art Pen in Black (£4.99)


This nail art pen was the first one I ever bought. I didn’t expect it to work, I thought at the least it would only work a couple of times and then run out, but I was amazed to see that it came out perfectly and could make lines, dots, and little hearts in the middle of each nail.

2. Barry M Nail Art Pen in Silver (£4.99)


This nail art pen was sadly the worst one out of all of them. After trying the black one, I bought the silver one, but I couldn’t really see it unless it was in really bright light, and even then I had to move nails for it to be visible. If I do every use it though, I do use it one very dark colours like a dark purple or red, and I make little polka dots, which is a very subtle but pretty nail art design.

3. Barry M Nail Art Pen in White (£4.99)


This pen is my favoriute out of all three. It can make a french tip, which done with the Barry M Nail Paint in “Nude” (mentioned above^) creates a beautiful design. You can do a heart on your ring finger as an accent nail, polka dots, stripes, flowers, your initials…etc.


Rimmel London:

I have tried quite a few polishes from Rimmel London but had to throw nearly all of them out because they got very thick and weren’t possible to apply onto my nails. This doesn’t mean they aren’t good quality nail polishes, I just had them for quite a while so that means I only have two to show you today. They are very good quality, affordable nail polishes.

1. Rimmel London 60 Seconds Rita Ora in “Roll in the Grass” (£2.99)


This colour is a very bright teal colour and has a very thick brush as does every other nail polish in the Rimmel 60 Seconds range. I like how it’s small and doesn’t take up a lot of room, but it’s still very full after having it for about a year.

2. Rimmel London 60 Seconds Super Shine in “Darling, You are Fabulous!” (£2.99)


This nail polish is one of my favorite glitter nail polishes as it’s packed full of glitter. I think this nail polish in silver would be even better. Again, like “Roll in the Grass”, it has a very thick brush and a tiny bottle.



I have only ever tried one OPI nail polish and I really enjoyed using it. I am planning to get more in the future.

1. OPI Nail Lacquer in “Save Me”


This nail polish is a glitter topcoat that is usually used ontop of a base colour but can sometimes be used by itself. This nail polish is mostly silver glitter with tiny silver strips that reflect in the light as a rainbow. You can also achieve a full glitter nail by applying one coat of this nail polish and then applying it onto a sponge so it will soak up the polish and leave the glitter, which you can then dab onto your nail leaving more glitter, and less polish.


Sally Hansen:

Although Sally Hansen is the #1 nail brand in America, I definetly prefer brands like Rimmel London or Barry M.

1. Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect in “Satin” (£4.99)


This nail polish as you can see above is a pale pink which I’m assuming is not meant to be very opaque, but you have to do at least three-four thin coats of it until you can not see your original nail/nail colour anymore. It takes quite a while to dry so there have been numerous times where I have touched it thinking it was dry when it was actually still very wet after over fifteen minutes of waiting! I do, however, think this is used the best when over a bright colour like red or bright pink as this does have little specks of glitter which shine in the light.

2. Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear in “Strobe Light”


This nail polish was my fourth one from Sally Hansen. The first one was the Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect in “Satin” (mentioned above^), the second and third were also from the Hard as Nails collection, and they both got very thick, the colours seperated, and the brush went very stiff. This one, however, didn’t do any of those things even though all three are from the same collection. I think the reason this one didn’t get ruined is because it is a glitter polish. My favorite thing about this is the brush. It’s just the right size for my nails, not too thick, not too thin. I do find that this is very hard to take off, but all glitter nail polishes do that.

Thank you very much for reading and I hope you come back next Sunday for a new blog post at 6 PM UK time.




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